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Blessed by the Mess 

It’s official. I’m in Love. Last week I fell completely,  utterly, whole-heartedly, head-over-heels back in love with the process of writing.  And like any love-struck fool, my emotions got the best of me and I wanted to “share my love with the world.”  And so, I shared my last post,  “Locker Room Talk”, on my… Continue reading Blessed by the Mess 

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 “Locker Room Talk”

I’m a woman. So despite growing up in locker rooms, my experience with locker room talk is likely quite different than Mr. Trump’s. Or any man’s for that matter.  I’m guessing my experience with sexual assault is a little different too. To understand why this whole “locker room talk” issue is so important to me, we… Continue reading  “Locker Room Talk”

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ANGER. Not my fave.

I am really angry right now. Pissed actually. And I’m embarrassed to put that in writing because I REALLY don’t like to be seen when I’m pissed. But being open with the messy parts of me is the point of this blog so I am putting this here as proof to myself that I can… Continue reading ANGER. Not my fave.

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What a Bloody Mess! A story about friendship. 

We’re laughing hysterically. I’m spraying the blood on the wall with a little purple bottle of home-made all-purpose cleaner. This  scene would look right at home in a horror novel. We don’t care though, all we feel right now is love, love, love. But maybe I should back up just a tiny bit…. Yesterday/Friday. We are celebrating the baby of… Continue reading What a Bloody Mess! A story about friendship.