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#Beauty4Balance: Day 8. Get Your Head in the Game. 

“You have it in ya – I’ve seen it. I know it. But You’ve got to pull each other up. Be a Team!”  I’m about a football fields length from my house. About a dugouts length from the little league baseball coach talking to his team huddled around him. I’m walking slowly trying to listen… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 8. Get Your Head in the Game. 

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

I’m not exactly known for being punctual. Which is why I was SO excited to see these beauties show up a couple of days ago. I was sitting on my porch cooling down after my workout this evening and smiled at them again as they caught my eye. I smile because these beauties are now… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 


#Beauty4Balance: Day 6. Being Taken Care Of.  

Short post today.  Busy day.  Felt awful tonight. I’ll spare you the details. But My husband took care of me.  I’m not very good at being taken care of.  I don’t like feeling dependent.   So I’m not sure if he will appreciate calling him beautiful.  But tonight I find beauty in his care and… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 6. Being Taken Care Of.  

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 5. My Church.

I haven’t been to a religious service on a Sunday Morning in years. You may have an idea in your head about what that says about me. With that one sentence you may have formed a strong opinion about me – positive or negative – and you may think you know way more about me… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 5. My Church.

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Thank You Roda!

I want to give a giant shout-out and thanks to RODA at   for nominating me for the Growing Self Blogger Award! I would like to thank her even MORE for her kind words in her blog post explaining her reason for nominating me. I am humbled and honored and not good at taking… Continue reading Thank You Roda!

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.

I followed up my date with myself last night [ #Beauty4Balance: Day 3.  Treat Yo’ Self!] with a friend date. It was the perfect thing to do on a husband/kid -less evening. We stayed up all night talking and drinking. Whoops! What I had thought would be a morning of early rising and hiking –… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.