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Thank You Roda!

I want to give a giant shout-out and thanks to RODA at  https://growingself.blog/   for nominating me for the Growing Self Blogger Award! I would like to thank her even MORE for her kind words in her blog post explaining her reason for nominating me.  https://growingself.blog/2017/06/24/growing-self-blogger-award-take-4/

I am humbled and honored and not good at taking compliments!  Sometimes I struggle to find the right words. But when all else fails  – THANK YOU!!! is what I mean 🙂   Your recognition, ackowledgement and support is truly appreciated. Especially as I am trying to kick-start my writing and growing again.   Really….Thank You Roda!

Also – Roda’s blog is AWESOME and inspirational and she is a beautiful rockstar!  So if you are reading this – Check her out!  🙂  https://growingself.blog/

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.


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4 thoughts on “Thank You Roda!

  1. Just so you know, reading the last few days of yours posts this AM (I wish I had read them sooner) has really lifted my outlook after kind of a crappy few days.
    Thank you!

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