About This Blog

Hi! ¬†Welcome. Thanks for stopping by my little nook of the internet ūüôā

This blog is for messy people. (No really…if you’re perfect, you’re going to HATE this blog). ¬†It is a place to stop acting like we’ve got our act together all the time. It is a place to openly discuss and appreciate the crazy messes in our selves and in our lives that make it interesting. This is a place for people who believe that our mess is part of what makes us beautiful.

I’m Lainey and I’m a mess. The people I love¬†are a mess. My past is a mess and so is my present. My experiences, relationships, thoughts and feelings – they are ALL a mess. And yes, even my house is a mess sometimes! To top it all off – the world we live in is DEFINITELY a mess! ¬†LIFE is messy! So what!?

All of those things also happen to be extremely awesome! ¬†I love and appreciate each of them dearly even WITH their messes. And since I’m being honest, I probably love and appreciate them even more BECAUSE of their ability to be awesome even though they are messy¬†(perfection is either intimidating or boring to¬†a messy girl like me).

Yet I am so guilty of trying to¬†act like I’ve¬†got it all together. Why do I do that? ¬† We are constantly running around trying to hide our messes, ¬†cover them up, get rid of them, or pretending like they’re not there. ¬†Why do WE do that? It never works. We usually just end up making it worse.¬†And new messes¬†constantly pop up anyway – its like a never-ending game of whack-a-mess! The worst part about it is that it actually PREVENTS us from connecting with each other, and with the world! (Because messes are a very commonly shared experience and common experiences fuel connection). Basically, I’ve come to believe hating our mess is dumb. And it’s EXHAUSTING! It’s just judgment and ugliness¬†for the soul.

So….I’ve decided to try something something different – hugs! ¬†Yes, you read that right. Hugs! Embraces. I’m going to (try my best to) greet everything and everyone messy I come across with a big, enthusiastic, hug. ¬†I will face the mess, accept the mess, learn to live with mess, love the mess ¬†and if it’s still necessary after all of that, start the clean up process with love (knowing a totally different kind of¬†mess is probably hiding right underneath the mess I’m cleaning up). ¬†I want to be gentle, and I want to embrace the messes so that TOGETHER we can be beautiful.

In many¬†ways, this blog is a big, enthusiastic, hug to myself. It is me,¬†embracing my own mess.¬†But this blog is also about sharing¬†stories. I’m going to share the stories of successful, failed and (probably a LOT of) awkward and uncomfortable attempts at embracing the messes I come across in my life. (And probably some other random stuff too).

So¬†please…..embrace¬†your messes too! Share your stories! ¬† All messes welcome! I would love¬†some company along the way. (Unless, of course, you’re perfect – PLEASE don’t join if you’re perfect.)

Much LūüíúVE from your messy new blogger friend,

~Be Gentle. Be Beautiful. Embrace the Mess.

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