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#Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

I’m not exactly known for being punctual. Which is why I was SO excited to see these beauties show up a couple of days ago. I was sitting on my porch cooling down after my workout this evening and smiled at them again as they caught my eye. I smile because these beauties are now… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.

I followed up my date with myself last night [ #Beauty4Balance: Day 3.  Treat Yo’ Self!] with a friend date. It was the perfect thing to do on a husband/kid -less evening. We stayed up all night talking and drinking. Whoops! What I had thought would be a morning of early rising and hiking –… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 3.  Treat Yo’ Self!

I’m at table by myself.  Surrounded by tables of adorable couples. I’m in a cute little Italian restaurant. On a covered patio surrounded  by open air gating crawling with vines.  It’s out of place here on the corner of downtown and college-town.  My city is commonly called a small town with a big city feel.… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 3.  Treat Yo’ Self!

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 2. Slow Down.

I was on my way to find something beautiful today for Day 2 of my personal #Beauty4Balance challenge [See Day 1 Here] when I saw this ugly thing from the road.  “What is that heap of brownish green grossness doing in the middle of that nice little park?” Is what crossed through my narrow little morning… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 2. Slow Down.

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 #Beauty4Balance: Day 1. Trumped. Challenge Accepted.

Last year I started this blog. A couple of months later….I got Trumped. Trump led to my most popular post. [ Locker Room Talk ] And then Trump led to the downfall of my blogging. My mind was saturated with everything Trump. I tried to hang on like it wasn’t happening in [M.I.A.]but it was.  It did.… Continue reading  #Beauty4Balance: Day 1. Trumped. Challenge Accepted.