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#Mess:30 – All Together Now.

I’m lying on a beach sipping rose’. Lake Michigan is sparkling. The sun reminds me of a warm soft blanket on my bare skin. I am still on a high from my kayak trip yesterday where the land to my right seemed to open up like a curtain for the Mackinac Bridge -perfectly framed by… Continue reading #Mess:30 – All Together Now.

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#Beauty4Balance: Days 16-20. Happy Birthday To Me! 

I can bet I will never have a birthday quite like this one ever again. When I found out my friend’s bachelorette party was planned on my birthday – I had about 3 seconds where I felt sad. Couldn’t tell you why really – I guess my childhood of being an only child where I… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Days 16-20. Happy Birthday To Me! 

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

I’m not exactly known for being punctual. Which is why I was SO excited to see these beauties show up a couple of days ago. I was sitting on my porch cooling down after my workout this evening and smiled at them again as they caught my eye. I smile because these beauties are now… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 7. #Balance4Beauty. 

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#Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.

I followed up my date with myself last night [ #Beauty4Balance: Day 3.  Treat Yo’ Self!] with a friend date. It was the perfect thing to do on a husband/kid -less evening. We stayed up all night talking and drinking. Whoops! What I had thought would be a morning of early rising and hiking –… Continue reading #Beauty4Balance: Day 4. Losing Balance.

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What a Bloody Mess! A story about friendship. 

We’re laughing hysterically. I’m spraying the blood on the wall with a little purple bottle of home-made all-purpose cleaner. This  scene would look right at home in a horror novel. We don’t care though, all we feel right now is love, love, love. But maybe I should back up just a tiny bit…. Yesterday/Friday. We are celebrating the baby of… Continue reading What a Bloody Mess! A story about friendship.